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Sweet Potato Muffin Mix from ONEearth Functional Foods


 Quinoa Crunch Chocolate Square Mix

  • A contemporary twist on everyone's favourite in a velvety chocolate square with added quinoa and buckwheat.
  • Gluten – free, low fat.
  • Source of magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and zinc.
  • Adding the recommended eggs, butter, and vegetable oil adds 100 calories per serving.
  • For less calories, use 1 cup of plain low fat yogurt (no eggs, butter, or oil). This substitution adds only 45 calories per serving.
  • If there is a slight hardening in the mix, please remember that we do not use any flow agents or anti-clumping additives. Squeezing the mix in the pouch gently before mixing, makes it easier to blend all ingredients easily.  As tempting as it is, please avoid eating the raw batters.
  • Drizzle a fresh fruit puree over the Bake Squares for a delicious treat.